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A “FUNTASTIC CHRISTIAN VALUES BASED EXPERIENCE” FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ages 4-12 as of April 1st. Five on Five flag football on turf. Spring Season: April 13th-May 18th. No games Easter April 20th. Double header May 18th. Play as one of the 32 NFL Teams. 755-5771

These Testimonials are from the Lakota Stallions. The Stallions have followed all the SFL principals, virtues and values.

Dear Sixth Blue,

Now that things are starting to settle down a bit from the the busyness of the holiday season, I want to share my sincere gratitude to you personally. Up to now, I am still wrestling and cannot wrap my mind around to what you have done for us during Christmas time. We did not give you any tangible reason why we should be adopted by the Stallions and into your own family. But yet you still went beyond what you saw in us physically, and touched our very being. I still can't understand it all. You know, there is a story in the old testament about King David in 1 Chronicles 17:16 "Then king David went in and sat before the Lord, and he said Who am I Lord, O Lord God, and what is my family that you have brought me this far." This is where the kids and I found ourselves asking God, who am I? Who are we? Where did we come from that you have showed us such a mercy and grace and allowed our path to cross the Stallion Family? All of these acts of pure kindness and love brought lots of tears to my eyes and on my knees in Thanksgiving before God like King David did. Who Am I? That you have brought us this far. All of these acts of kindness could of been done for another family out there. Despite what was going on around us, all of you got together as one big family and a team laying aside all of what you had to do, drove through the cold, rain, busy streets , crowded malls and some few "crazy people" to get us all that we ever needed. You have touched our hearts. I want you to please remember that God never goes back on his word. He said in Matthew 25:40 "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me." Ever since our paths have crossed with the Stallions Family you have showed us nothing but pure love, care, and God's grace. So therefore I am very grateful and humble to all of you showing us such love and kindness that human minds cannot comprehend. I keep asking myself what can I do or say to repay all of you back. It is my continuous prayer that God Almighty prospers you in good health, and indeed may your home be filled with peace and joy, may your home never depart of anything good, may God continue to order your steps and guide you in your going out and coming in. May your home be strengthened with greatness of God always. May the Stallions organization be blessed beyond measure.

Thanks again.

Yours in Christ,
Sabina G.

"All – Just a quick & last chance opportunity to help out during this Holiday season –

1st – I want to THANK everyone who has donated so far – with lots of help in spreading the word I believe we have completed the list of things. – I am still getting everything together but believe there is little we missed. If you are out this weekend & want to give – we are still in need of additional gift cards – any clothing places, Gas cards, Age appropriate toys (1st Grade) or Kroger gift cards would be great & would be a bonus to what we have so far.

2nd – if you would like to drop off any gift cards or gifts to my house prior to next Monday (12/20) please do as we are delivering gifts to the family Tuesday, December 21st in the evening.

3rd – THANK YOU for making this possible – everyone has really pulled together & given what they can to make another families Christmas special. This is what is so awesome about being part of the STALLION family."

"I also wanted to pass along something neat from our game today. We were down 16-6 in the first half and we were clawing our way back in the game when the 3rd grade teams came and sat in the far end zone. It was the Stallions orange and fayetteville, the same organization that we were playing. The fayetteville 3rd grade started cheering for their guys and it was all good natured. Then, our orange team really started cheering us on and our kids really responded. It was like we were all in it together at that point. As the game went on, we had built a 24-16 lead as they were driving in the final seconds. As their running back was trying to get in the end zone, our kids brought him down on the 2-yard line and the clock expired. Was the support we got from everyone worth two yards? You bet! Then, as we came off the field, 4-5 kids from that orange team gave me a hug or high five and were congratulating our kids. Please let their coach know how much that meant to me and my team, I feel like they have a share in the win."


"This is really something I should say to you in person, but I know without a doubt that I will break down and cry like a schoolgirl.

I want to thank you for the opportunity that you provided for my son and me. Zach is not an overly-aggressive kid and it took him a while to figure things out. I have coached a lot of kids like him over the last three years; some of them have become very good football players. Without the Stallions, these kids would have either quit or never played football.

The lessons that these kids (mine are now young men) learn from this great game are invaluable in life. It was really a privilege to be part of such a great organization. We left a team that was 21-0 and won two super bowls to come to Stallions. Even with all that, I never felt as if we were making an impact on these kids lives. With the Stallions, even during our first year when we won only one game, I knew we were changing these kids. The no tolerance about talking to refs, the prayer sessions, the virtue talks, the support from other coaches… I could go on and on, but you know what I mean.

I also want to thank you for standing by me when I cursed the first year. I know you caught a lot of slack for it and it took some virtue to do that in a Christian League. I hope that you feel that you made a good choice. That is one of the few things I wish I could take back over the last 3 years.

Most of all, I want to thank you for your support when my son was sick (see, I am actually starting to cry now). You never once even mentioned the impact it would have on you if I could not coach this year. Your compassion was a big help for my family. I also know in my heart that God healed my son because of the prayers of people like you. While I may forget beating Fayetteville in the Super Bowl, I will never forget the day you prayed with me on the phone from the ICU at Children’s.

I have grown quite a bit as a “man” over the last three years. I have finally allowed God to come into my life and the Stallions has been a big part of that. If there is ever anything I can do for you or the Stallions, please let me know."

With sincere gratitude,
Jeffrey A. Van Fossen, P.E.

"I have coached in many different arenas and have met a lot of great people. People that step up to help others and usually go beyond what is expected. I experienced something tonight, that made me feel privileged to be a part of the Stallions organization. I had a family join the team late, that I had tried to recruit earlier this year. They were on the fence about football and really didn't know much about the Stallions. Because of the delay, they missed the fitting opportunity and were trying to catch up. As you know, we were all trying to get the measurements and forms together, so that this young man could join the team. The parents were having a little trouble with the shoulder pad size and worried about ordering them incorrectly. I worked with them on the phone this evening to help with the measurements. I also let them know, that in a worst case, we could probably trade them out if we had to. Even though they agreed, I could tell that they were still a little nervous about it. I received a call around 8:30 or so tonight from the players Mother. She wanted to let me know that Steve Riehle was on his way to meet them with some equipment to try on. I could tell in her voice that she was relieved and a weight had been lifted. To say that this is going above and beyond would be a huge understatement. We all see what Steve does for this league but I don't know if people truly realize what he does in the background. Ron, I appreciate everything that you and all of the Stallions representatives do for this league and I am very proud to be a part of something this incredible. Things like this and people like Steve are what set this league apart and make it a Stallions family.

I am really looking forward to the coming season."

Thanks for everything.
Jim Farthing

"Thank you! The work you do in this community is amazing! I am so proud that my family is part of the Stallion family. We want to thank coach Scott and all the assistant coaches along with Carla and Candace for a great year.

As a family we`re so impressed with Stallions football and we sincerely appreciate the time, mentoring and passion of the coaches. We also really appreciate the positive and faith based message Stallions football stands for.

We also believe it`s great that every player starts and contributes to the team. Every kid is on the field and doing the best they this age it`s nice to see that Stallions football doesn't subscribe to the theory of winning at all costs.

As far as today...we`re proud the team played so hard and never gave up! That's what football is all about!"

Gary & Kirsten Losey

"Thank you for the very kind words yesterday. They were very humbling. Thanks for creating the Stallions and for putting up with all the BS you must endure "behind the scenes". You have blessed many young men and families with what you have created and sustained.

Also, I would be happy to offer to my services to Stallions as a football rule advisor in any capacity including a rules (differences) clinic at future coaches meetings.

Again, thanks for all you do!"

Bob O.

"I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to each in every parent & player for all their thoughts, concern & prayers. You guys are GREAT!!! Craig, thank you for being there with your medical background. We have one fantastic football family!!!! All the support and helping hands really touched my heart and eased my nervousness."

Gratefully yours,

"We wanted to say THANK YOU for your generous gift of the tickets to go to Neiderman this evening. Just before I saw you last might, I was sitting, watching all the teams, and thinking about the Stallion's Slogan..."Beyond the Goal Line..." I was just admiring the culture that you have created for so many young men, boys, and actually... whole families. I wondered if you ever took the time on practice nights to sit back, and revel at what God has done, and is doing through you.... Honest...I was thinking just that when you walked by!My heart was so warmed last evening with your gift. Even though we can't go, we feel your love, support and encouragement. Thank you!"