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In affilation with Stallion Youth Football

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A “FUNTASTIC CHRISTIAN VALUES BASED EXPERIENCE” FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ages 5-10 as of Nov. 15th. Five on Five flag football on turf. Fall Season: Sept. 2nd-Oct. 26th. Play as one of the 32 NFL Teams. 775-5771

Displaying “out of control good sportsmanship” and “Transforming boys and girls to Men and Women beyond the playing field”. Sportsmanship First League puts sportsmanship and the young athlete player - FIRST AND FOREMOST, making sure that every player has “FUNTASTIC EXPERIENCE”.

The SFL respects all opponents at all times. Post game gatherings with players, parents, and coaches of both teams to meet and pray for safe competition and to encourage respectful competition.

All players will start on offense or defense instead of riding the bench. Youth sports are ONLY for participation and learning skills that will last a lifetime. Not preparation for high school, college, or professional teams.

“Coaching skills founded in “Christian based values and virtues”, putting sportsmanship first ahead of “winning at any and all cost”. League members do not have to be Christian. “SportsLeader”, Virtue=Strength, is available to every family. “SportsLeader” is a Christian faith based organization that teaches coaches how to mentor to our youth.

At seventy plus years of age a West Chester grandpa, with over 45 years’ experience in youth football has co-founded 3 football organizations, including the Lakota Stallions Youth Football, endorses the SFL “Community NFL Flag Football” organization. All 3 organizations are still in existence.

Join “Community NFL Flag Football” now. Call 513-755-5771.

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